welcome to tas systems

Comprehensive communications, management and security systems for smart shopping centres, retail and leisure complexes

TAS Systems is a software and services company dedicated to producing and supporting applications to meet the needs of shopping centres managers, owners and retailers to help them improve their efficiency and levels of information in order to manage retail locations more effectively.

TAS Systems provides solutions that directly and indirectly reduce costs as well as enhancing security and the shopper’s retail experience.

Key challenges facing shopping centre managers include planning for uncertainty and unknown risk management, coupled with increasingly regulatory compliance within the constraints of stringent financial budgets.

In addressing these issues, and helping to put the retail industry on the road to a better-integrated future, TAS Systems believe that the introduction of the TAS Control in 2009 represented a major step towards a more secure retail and leisure experience at shopping centres; TAS Control reduces risk, improves operational efficacy and delivers increased revenue opportunities.

TAS Control enables cost effective two-way data, alerts and voice communications between centre management and individual tenanted units within a shopping centre, retail or leisure complex.

TAS Centre provides the one solution every centre manager seeks to information management, a single web-based portal providing access for all centre data, performance and management statistics.

TAS Systems is based close to the M25 in Orpington, Kent and works with shopping centres through the UK.