beta test

Here at TAS Systems we love working closely with our clients and helping them to solve their problems. This is how TAS Systems started, solving the problem of how to communicate with retailers in real time. This problem was addressed by TAS Control, our initial product that provided a terminal for each retail unit that was linked to the security desk. With this security can ‘speak’ to any retailer, or groups of retailers and also retailers can communicate with security in a easy and if required discreet way.

TAS Centre has been born out of the wishes of a number of centre managers to have a system to both store all information and also provide performance reports. More details are available on the product page.

TAS Centre is now available for Beta testing. This no cost, no commitment programme allows a select number of centres to try TAS Centre with their own data. All we ask is that you provide feedback on the solution and work with us. As TAS Centre is a web service or SaaS there is no software to install and no hardware requirements.

Contact us today to be considered for this programme.