TAS control

TAS Control softwareEssential Communications for shopping centres

  • Two-way communication channel between retailers and central security
  • Secure and fully audited
  • Real Time
  • Voice, data and graphics
  • Discrete panic button

TAS Control provides a dedicated communications system to broadcast emergency instructions to all or selected tenants in the event of fire or other emergency.

It also allows retailers to alert security to any potential or occurring situations in their store such as theft or unacceptable anti social behaviour.

Voice, text, data and graphics are all supported and all communications are fully audited.

For the retailer, the system is easy to use and monitor via an intuitive touch screen device.

For the control room, the system provides visual indicators superimposed on the centre’s floor plan showing the status of the transmitted messages, allowing the team to know which retail store has seen, opened and responded to a communication.

Shopping Centre Security

  • Graphical map pinpointing alarms

Safety and Evacuation Maps

  • Ability to broadcast emergency instructions for controlled evacuations

Easy to Use

  • Discrete, simple to use, always on, touch screen terminal

Technical Support

  • Installation, training, maintenance, remote monitoring service and support

Zero Downtime

  • Always-On retail terminals
  • IP or Phone networking
  • Fully redundant servers
  • Hot standby

Communications Platform

  • Retails sales figures
  • Shopping Centre Manuals
  • Fault reporting
  • Service request portal

Service Features and Benefits

Designed specifically for retail. Today, all industries are driven by the need for accurate and timely information and communication. That’s a given: it’s only the means of access and delivery that’s different – and it’s speed of change that characterises the retail environment. No store stands still: no space goes unused. That means that, above all else, a tenant communication system in a retail environment must be flexible.

Open systems architecture. An open system is based upon industry standard hardware and software. The software used in an open system must be portable so that it can run on any standard hardware platform. Furthermore, an open system will have the ability to integrate with other software applications developed on other open platforms, a fact that will become increasingly important as convergence gathers pace in the retail.

TAS Control selected and used by Land Securities, Liberty International, Capital Shopping Centres and Modus Properties.

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation and Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Application development and Support
  • Hardware Support
  • Guaranteed Warranty

System Requirements

  • IP Phone terminal. / Hand Set – Cisco or Mitel
  • Windows PC, XP or Windows 7
  • VOIP Call Centre – Cisco or Mitel
  • IP or Telephone cabling
  • Fully documented API for application development